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Top 5 Hidden jOOQ Features

jOOQ’s main value proposition is obvious: Type safe embedded SQL in Java. People who actively look for such a SQL builder will inevitably stumble upon jOOQ and love it, of course. But a lot of people don’t really need a SQL builder – yet, jOOQ can st... »

Testing of Microservices

Why do we write tests? Most people would say that we write tests to verify that things work as we expect them to. While that is true, it’s not the whole truth. After all, that can be verified through manual tests as well. So there has to be something... »

Java 9 Module Services

Wiring and Finding Java has a ServiceLoader class for long time. It was introduced in 1.6 but a similar technology was in use since around Java 1.2. Some software components used it, but the use was not widespread. It can be used to modularize the ap... »